API Keys

In order to access API.1, you must first create an API Key. You can create an API Key in the Client Portal.

When you use API.1 APIs, you must pass the following as an HTTP header:

x-api-key: apikey

API keys can be created with the following time frames:

  • 30 Days

  • 90 Days

  • 365 Days

  • Never

🚧 We encourage you to refresh your API keys regularly as a security best-practice.

API Key Security

Zwapgrid does not store your API Key, so you must copy the key after creation and limit who has access to see the key.

Your API Key should not be used to make calls to API.1 from software such as web browsers or from other applications that risk exposing the API Key publicly.

🚧 It is your responsibility to keep your API Keys safe.

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