Onboarding Flow

To establish a connection and retrieve data from Your Customer's Accounting System, you must invite them to use the Onboarding Flow.

Embedding the Onboarding Flow

We recommend that you embed the Onboarding Flow in an iframe so that you can control the look and feel of the size and the area outside the iframe in whatever way you wish.

One-Time Code

You must use a One-Time Code together with the onboarding link, to enable Your Customer to load the Onboarding Flow successfully.

🚧 URL Encoding

Please note that the One-Time Code is not URL-encoded. In order to use it as part of the Onboarding Flow, you must URL-encode it first.

🚧 OTC Timeout

A One-Time Code is valid for one hour from creation.

Ways to onboard your Your Customer

You can use the Onboarding Flow to onboard your Your Customer in several ways.

Let them choose their Accounting System

If you wish to give your Your Customer a choice when selecting their Accounting System, we have developed a screen that allows them to choose any of the Accounting System that we support today.

Accounting System selection is located at:

https://onboarding.zwapgrid.com/consent/<Consent ID>/?otc=<One-Time Code>

If you wish to direct Your Customer to a specific Accounting System or develop a screen to begin the onboarding from within Your Platform, you can deep link directly to the Onboarding Flow for that Accounting System.

Deep linking is located at:

https://onboarding.zwapgrid.com/consent/<Consent ID>/<Accounting System>/?otc=<One-Time Code>

You should replace Consent ID and Accounting System in the url with the correct value

Redirect back to your platform

If you wish to let your Your Customer return to Your Platform at the end of the Onboarding Flow, you can do so by including the query parameter redirectURL in the URL.

https://onboarding.zwapgrid.com/consent/<Consent ID>/?otc=<One-Time Code>&redirectUrl=<URL>

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