Company Security

Overview of how the security/encryption setup is within Zwapgrid.

Making sure that our partners and end customers credentials are safe has always been the top priority within Zwapgrid and we are proud to say that we have passed a number of technical due diligence processes as well as KYC and "Reputational Risk" assessments from several of the largest banks in northern Europe.

Zero Trust

We operate a zero-trust approach with regard to access to our environments. Access is only granted as necessary, with limited or no access depending on the needs of the employee. Access to sensitive production systems is restricted to a limited number of individuals and access policies are in place to prevent unauthorised access.

Multi Factor Authentication

We enforce multi factor authentication for our employees across all services we use at Zwapgrid, and this is enabled by default for sensitive systems such as Microsoft Azure, and business apps such as Google Workspace and Slack.

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