This is the terminology you will find throughout the documentation and in your communication with us.


The Client

You are The Client. You invite Your Customer to Consent to share data from their Accounting System. You can then consume this data using API.1.

Your Customer

Your Customer can connect their Accounting Systems and share their data with The Client.

Your System

This is your platform - the public-facing or internal software system(s) you develop and use within your organization.


Consent is the link between Your Customer in Your Platform and the connection to their Accounting System through API.1.

Consent ID

A Consent ID is a unique GUID generated when you create a Consent. You can then use it when inviting Your Customer to connect so that you can consume data using API.1.

Accounting System

An Accounting System is a software system that helps organizations automate and manage accounting for optimal performance.

Client Portal

This is where you can manage The Client - here you can manage the Onboarding Flow and API Key creation, for example.

Onboarding Flow

This is the platform that Zwapgrid has developed to enable Your Customer to log in and connect to their Accounting System.


API.1 is the set of APIs that are used by The Client to access the data from the Accounting System that Your Customer uses.


The API Key is your access to API.1 APIs. You create and manage API Keys in the Client Portal.

One-Time Code

A unique code that is generated and used together with the Onboarding Flow, in order to ensure that only Your Customer can access a created Consent.

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