Welcome to the API reference for API.1. Here you will find all the information you need to be able to consume API.1 endpoints and start inviting your customers to connect their ERP systems.


You must get an API Key by logging into the Client Portal. This is the key that is needed to call all of the API endpoints in API.1.


We currently offer two APIs for you to consume:

Client API

Use this to create Consent, and then use the created Consent ID to invite your Customer to onboard through the Onboarding UI.

Accounting API

Use this to access data from your customers' ERP System with the Consent ID, once your Customer has onboarded and created a Connection to their ERP System.

Supported Systems

List Sales InvoicesGet a Sales InvoiceList Sales Invoice AttachmentsGet a Sales Invoice AttachmentList Supplier InvoicesGet a Supplier InvoiceCreate a JournalCreate a PaymentList Account BalancesGet an Account Balance
Visma eAccountingoooo
Björn Lundénooooo
XML - Peppoloooo
XML -Svefakturaoooo
XML -Finvoiceoooo

- developed

o - under development

- will not develop (not supported by system)